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A Letter from Bill and Gail Bosta, Oakwood, Ohio

From the very beginning of service, Fred Hoppel has been extremely attentive to our needs. He was faced with an out-of-state buyer with no knowledge of the real estate market in Dayton. As a result of his client being outside the area, he made a special effort to provide information through the Internet to allow us to preview properties. He very patiently answered numerous questions via telephone and was always available at a moment's notice. Our first visit to the area was very productive in that Fred gave us an extensive tour of a number of properties in our price range. He was patient and understanding of our interests as we toured the properties. He acted in a very courteous and professional manner and genuinely enjoyed his job.

As we narrowed the number of properties under consideration, Fred's attention to detail proved to be invaluable. He provided extensive amounts of information on the properties under consideration and conducted research on the positives and negatives of each property. This was particularly important to us in the final stages of preparing our initial offer. During the negotiations of the purchase price of the property, Fred took it upon himself to actually go to the office of the Realtor who had essentially dismissed our second offer (with no real hope of a subsequent counter-offer). Knowing that this was the property that we were very interested in buying, Fred was very direct with the Realtor and explained our interest in the property in a very positive manner. His actions led to the seller accepting our third offer. Without his resolve and diligence, I am convinced that we would not have been able to purchase the property.

Fred's assistance continued as we moved toward closing. He was instrumental in our securing an extremely attractive mortgage loan, spent hours with the property inspector, worked closely with us as we encountered some difficulties with the operation of the fireplace and generally made sure everyone was on task as we approached closing. He also went the extra mile in helping my son adjust to living in the house by helping with several repair items. His concern for our safety and Bryan's well-being was evident throughout the process.

In closing, I cannot say enough about Fred's effort during the purchase of the property. He showed integrity, thoughtfulness, diligence and wisdom during his service. We were very fortunate to have had Fred as our Realtor during the past three months and I highly recommend him to any of your clients.

Very truly yours,

Bill and Gail Bosta

An excerpt from a letter from Mary Clifford, Centerville

I want to take a few minutes of your time to express to you my appreciation for the extraordinary services I received through your employee, Cyndi Scarpelli. I was living in North Carolina last year, but owned a residence in Dayton. I phoned Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors to get some information about listing my house in Dayton and purchasing two condominiums in Centerville, and just happened to get Cyndi on the phone. That was a most fortuitous moment because she has gone way beyond the standard in helping me and my son.

For example, during the last few months I was living in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, she sent me several packages of information relating to condos here in the Centerville area. Further, when I agreed to go ahead and list my previous home in Dayton last December, she took the initiative of working with my son, who was residing in the house at the time, and continued to stay in touch with me as well.

Once I moved back to Dayton, Cyndi took my son and me to look at condos on several occasions, she handled all inquiries related to the house, she worked the purchases of two condos, and helped closed on those deals, and this summer she negotiated with great diplomacy the somewhat difficult sale and closing of the Hearthstone house. I say this because the buyer's agent, who was a representative of another local firm, was hostile, negative, and caused a myriad of problems, about which I will be communicating with the owner as well.

In summary, she is a superb employee. Her ability to communicate so well with all kinds of people, her diplomatic skills, and her wonderful, warm personality all blend to make her what I consider a truly outstanding real estate agent.

Donna and Steve Maurial, Dayton, Ohio

When Donna and Steve Maurial found out their family was being transferred from Hawaii to Ohio, they quickly realized it was not going to be possible to travel 2,500 miles to shop for houses. Which meant, they would be buying their home before actually seeing it. They needed a lot of help, and they knew it.

Donna recalls, "After talking to Deb McCuiston of Coldwell Banker, I felt extremely comfortable with her. She got to know us and understood the things that were important to us, like where out kids would be going to school. We trusted her, and her years of experience."

After getting to know the Maurials, Deb knew what they needed. "She stayed in close contact by sending regular updates to us, and kept us informed of her progress", Donna recalls.

Where she couldn't find the perfect home on the market, Deb started personally contacting builders one-by-one. She was able to find a hidden treasure from one of her direct contacts. Deb knew when she found it that this was the perfect fit for the Maurials.

"She even put together a plan to have the basement finished for us, since the home was slightly smaller than some of the others we had considered", Donna said. Deb worked with the builder to take care of every detail, including personally shopping for basement carpet. She wanted it to be perfect when the family arrived.

"It was unbelievable. We got off the plane at 10:00am in the morning, walked-through at 3:00pm and closed the deal the very next day. It was so simple." Deb took care of every detail from the mortgage company to the title agency. Donna recalls, "When we bought our last home, the whole process was so stressful. This time, we didn't do anything. She did it all for us with our best interest in mind, and she didn't try to sell us on a more expensive home, even though we were considering it. No pressure. No stress. We loved it."

"The home turned out to be better than the pictures, and the surrounding area is perfect. We are so thankful", Donna said.




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